We understand that the concept of robotics may raise some questions. To help you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Please note that you can also search our website. If you feel that a question is missing from this page, please let us know. We will be happy to answer your questions and improve the information on our website.

Do you offer physical, mechanical robots?

No, we build and deploy software robots. These are pieces of software that run on our robotic platform installed on your computers.

Do we have to buy new expensive hardware to host your robots?

No, our robotic solutions can be hosted on your existing hardware. Our robots can run on regular desktop computers; dedicated or even on your employees' computers when they are not in use. For maximum performance and stability, especially in larger robotic environments, we recommend the use of one or more dedicated servers.

What databases do you support and do we have to supply a database instance?

We currently support Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases, but support for other databases may be added in the future. For maintenance, it is easiest if a database instance is provided, but we can also install an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Do you support virtualization? Can your robots run on Terminal Servers for example?

Yes, we support running robots on all major virtualization platforms, e.g. Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix. In fact, we even recommend virtualizing robotic environments, because it greatly improves security, stability and scalability.

What about security? Can we be sure that your robotic solutions won't jeopardize the security of our data?

Of course! Security is one of the key concerns in the development of our robotic platform. All sensitive information is stored and sent using industry-leading encryption standards.

Do your robotic solutions run locally on our premises or is information stored outside our (corporate) network?

Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, all information is stored on your local premises. No information will leave your organization.

How can we be sure that those robots will only do what they are trained to do?

Our robots are carefully developed in close cooperation with our customers. If a robot encounters an unknown situation, it will immediately stop executing its task and forward it to a human employee. In other words, a robot will only do what it is explicitly trained to do.

Our procedures change every now and then. What happens when a robot skill has to be adjusted?

This is a fairly common practice, because change is something we all have to deal with. In this case, you can contact support and we will make sure that the skill of the robot is adjusted as soon as possible.

Are you interested to learn more about what robotics can do for your organization? Read more on our solutions page or contact us to explore the possibilities.