We have developed several products to support the solutions we offer to our customers.

Epirion Robotics Suite

The Epirion Robotics Suite is a software suite designed specifically to develop, host and manage software robots from our Robotic Process Automation solution. It consists of an agent framework and a web-based management application.

The agent framework provides a secure and stable environment to host software robots on servers, virtual machines and even on regular desktop computers. The agent framework is aware of all waiting cases and contains an intelligent case-dispatching mechanism to guarantee optimal use of available resources and to ensure stable operation.

The management application is an easy to use and barrier-free web application to support the operational management of the software robots. It is designed to effectively manage even the largest environments of software robots and contains various security features to make sure it can be safely embedded in every organization (encryption, logging, auditing, network authentication).

The suite contains several add-ons for the Epirion BPMN Suite to seamlessly integrate software robot design, development and operational management. This integrated approach allows all project participants (process designer, functional operator, technical operator, process owner, quality control, etc.) to work closely together to make sure the software robots keep running in optima forma.

Epirion Semantics Suite

The Epirion Semantics Suite is a web-based application that provides several generic features to leverage the power of the Epirion Semantics Framework. It consists of several modules to manage the available information sources and knowledge rules to realize sophisticated knowledge management systems.

Various information sources at multiple locations (distributed) and of different format (heterogeneous) can be conveniently configured and accessed as one integrated information source. On top of the integrated information sources, knowledge rules can be defined to infer new information. By combining these two features, intelligent systems can be developed to mimic the actions of any knowledge-worker.

Several generic features are available to make maximum use of the configured information and knowledge sources:

Semantic Query

Supported by a user-friendly interface, the Semantic Query feature allows asking questions to the integrated set of information and knowledge sources. Depending on the complexity of the query, results can be displayed immediately or a notification can be sent when the query execution is completed and the results can be collected. Queries can be saved and parameterized for easy reuse.

Semantic Browser

By displaying the information in a diagram, the Semantic Browser feature brings a graphical view of the information without the need to write any queries. The graphical view is easy to understand and can be used to quickly navigate through the available information. The browser has a generic format to display any information, but more specific formats can be defined to display the information in a format closer to a particular target audience.

All results can be saved for reporting or further processing. For justification purposes, all information delivered by the Semantic Query or Semantic Browser feature can be annotated with meta-information to justify where the information originated from and/or what knowledge rules where applied to generate the information.

Epirion BPMN Suite

The Epirion BPMN Suite is a web application to model business processes in BPMN. BPMN stands for Business Process Model and Notation and is the de facto standard for business process modeling.

The suite contains a set of features to visually model business processes. When a process is being modeled, knowledge-based agents provide real-time feedback on the model to guarantee it is valid and free of errors. Process models are analyzed using artificial intelligence techniques to identify potential problems as early as possible.

Process models can be exported to diagrams in various formats and textual documentation can be generated from process models automatically. These documents have proven to be a clear and indispensable means of communication with our customers and amongst our team members.

The Epirion BPMN Suite features a sophisticated version management mechanism to properly manage changes to the process models.

The following add-ons are available to integrate with the Epirion Robotics Suite.

Robotics Design and Development add-on

The Robotics Design and Development add-on allows modeling the interaction of users and computer applications in BPMN. A repository of reusable (sub) processes can be designed to make sure that software robots can be developed in very little time and future changes can be applied evenly and consistently. Our software-developing robots contain several smart features to optimize the application interaction and to allow sophisticated communication between the software robots and the Epirion Robotics Suite.

Robotics Debugger add-on

The Robotics Debugger add-on allows visual inspection and control of a software robot case. By connecting to a software robot currently running a case or by uploading a log file of an already executed case, this add-on will display the process diagram and allows the user to step through the case and gather all information of the software robot. It provides a great way to monitor and control running software robots and is an indispensable support for quality and control afterwards. The use of this add-on is integrated in the Epirion Robotics Suite to start debugging by a single click.

Robotics Profiler add-on

The Robotics Profiler add-on adds a set of features to analyze a large set of executed cases. It will calculate how often each step of a process is executed and will present this information textually and graphically. Analyzing the history of executed cases will bring a deeper understanding of the (business) process and often leads to further optimization.

Epirion Application Management Suite

The Epirion Application Management Suite is a web application to develop and host custom-made software solutions. By combining a repository of reusable software modules and various sophisticated application design and development modules, we can deliver enterprise-quality applications in very short time.

This suite is used internally to communicate with our software-developing robots and forms the indispensable foundation of all our software suites.