We offer various robotic solutions to support organizations in executing laborious or complex tasks. With the help of our Epirion Robotics Suite, we are able to develop and support robots that will become an indispensable asset of your organization. Our unique and proven approach guarantees short delivery times and solutions that optimally fit your needs.

Our Approach

Imagine the possibilities when an infinitely large team of intelligent robots would be available to support your organization. While the robots perform the laborious and complex tasks, your employees can focus on what they do best: interact with customers, provide support, perform sales, improve procedures, and solve problems. By using the full potential of your employees, they will be better appreciated and the performance of your company will be significantly improved.

Robotic Software Development

Software development projects can be complex, laborious and prone to error. Robotic Software Development allows us to largely automate the software development cycle leading to faster results and higher quality software. Instead of developing our software by hand, we model all aspects of the software in our application development suite and our innovative software-developing robots will develop the software for us, automatically and instantaneously.

With this approach, we have more control over the development process, allowing us to deliver better software while tackling problems of higher complexity at the same time. Also, building a model of the software greatly improves the communication with the customer leading to software that better fits your needs.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation improves the efficiency of your organization by deploying robots to partially or fully automate your administrative business process. Using our innovative, in-house developed software suite, we are able to deliver high-quality software robots in a matter of weeks. Without initial investments and backed by a flexible and transparent pricing model, we can help you improve the quality of your business process while at the same time reducing the costs by up to 90%.

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Robotic Information Integration

The explosive growth of digital information in recent decades calls for a new generation of technologies to effectively manage information and information flows. The amount of digitally available information has become so big that it has almost become impossible for human knowledge worker to handle it manually and in its entirety. Organizations are increasingly faced with the problem that, although sufficient digital information is present, tools are lacking to make this information quickly and fully accessible. Robotic Information Integration overcomes this problem by providing a flexible framework that virtually connects all these information sources allowing the available information to be queried as if it were one big information source.

Robotic Knowledge Management

Managing knowledge is a key factor in order to improve an organization’s performance and to enable innovation. Proper knowledge management involves making sure that knowledge is available to all who need it at the moment they need it.

Unfortunately, knowledge that is only available in human employees brings around many challenges. It cannot be easily duplicated - making it hard to allocate it for those who need it - and can lead to reduced quality or even overloaded employees. Furthermore, valuable knowledge may disappear when employees leave your organization.

With Robotic Knowledge Management we can help you safeguard the knowledge in your organization. By developing intelligent robots that explicitly contain your valuable knowledge, we make sure that the knowledge is anchored in your organization and available when needed.

Although we have extensive experience in the areas above, we can develop skills for our robots to optimally fit your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.