Robotic Process Automation improves the efficiency of your organization by deploying software robots to partially or fully automate your administrative business process. Using our innovative, in-house developed software suite, we are able to deliver high-quality software robots in a matter of weeks. Without initial investments and backed by a flexible and transparent pricing model, we can help you improve the quality of your business process while at the same time reducing the costs by up to 90%.

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What is the problem?

Administrative business processes cost a large amount of time and money, thereby taking up valuable resources. Resources you would rather spend on things like increasing sales or improving customer experience. The impact is even larger when the quality of the current manual handling is not optimal, leading to additional repairing costs and decreased customer experience. Automating the business process using traditional IT projects is often not profitable, too complex or simply takes too long.

What solution do we offer?

We are able to deliver custom-made software robots that partially or fully automate your business process. We can guarantee that the software robots will be able to successfully process at least 80% of the cases. The other cases are carefully routed to your employees for manual processing.

Specifically for this purpose, we have developed a software suite in which the development of software robots and the operational management are fully integrated.

In the development phase, our software suite enables us to model your business processes in BPMN (the de facto standard for business process modeling). To ensure optimal quality, the business process models are automatically validated and analyzed for inconsistencies. The software suite can automatically generate the core of the software robots, safeguarding the high quality and ensuring extremely fast delivery.

In production, our software suite will provide a stable platform for your software robots to run on. The software robots will run on the same kind of computers that your employees work on and they use the same set of applications. Your software robots will run autonomous and error-free, without direct supervision or involvement of your IT staff. Your operational employees can use our software to monitor and manage the performance of the software robots as well as generate the necessary statistics to further optimize the efficiency of the business process.

What are the advantages?

Robotic Process Automation has a significant number of advantages.

  • Cost reduction: On average, operational costs will be reduced by 75%.
  • Quality improvement: Uniform and error-free handling contributes to operational excellence.
  • Process improvement: Process modeling often identifies improvement opportunities.
  • High availability: Software robots can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Scalable: Increasing the number of software robots allows for easy scalability and guarantees improved peak performance.
  • Operational intelligence: Gain deep understanding of your business process by analyzing previously handled cases.
  • Backlog reduction: Effectively bring your business processes within SLA.
  • Support: Our reliable support guarantees business continuity.
  • No cure, no pay: The contract may be canceled free of charge if the success rate is less than 80%.

What are the previously achieved results?

Over the past years, we have delivered many software robots to several large enterprises in the telecommunications industry and other organizations dealing with a large number of administrative cases. All our robots were delivered within several weeks and are now considered valuable additions to our customer’s operational work force. Backed by a service level agreement (SLA), we make sure that all software robots keep running smoothly and reliably.

When is the solution feasible?

In order for a business process to gain from robotic automation, a number of criteria must be met.

Ideally, the business process should only handle information easily accessible to a computer. It is easier for example for a software robot to process electronic mails than hand-written documents or speech. Also, the logic of decisions in the process should be clear and well-understood.

Furthermore, automating a business process is more profitable as the number of cases is high in relation to the average handling time. We generally consider a minimum of 25,000 cases as a lower limit, but this may depend on the situation at hand.

Our software robots can communicate with almost all Windows, web and intranet applications.

How does it work?

The first step is to identify potential business processes. This is generally done by looking at the average handling time (AHT) and the volume of the process. We then schedule an intake to determine the commercial and technical feasibility. If robotic automation is feasible for the business process, we will issue a quotation.

When the quotation is accepted, we will start with the process analysis. In this phase, we will work closely with your process experts to model the business process in our modeling software. The result of this phase will be a textual description and a graphical diagram covering all functional aspects of the business process. The process model will form the basis of all communication about the business process. Development of the software robot will start as soon as our software has successfully validated the process model and the process experts agree on the process model.

During the development phase, our software developers will build and test the software robot at your location. Ideally, the robots are developed and tested in a development environment, but this is not always achievable. Our developers have extensive experience in safely developing and testing software robots in production environments.

When the software robots are delivered, and tested and approved by your process experts, the daily operation is transferred to your operational employees. These employees will be able to manage the operation of the software robots using our user-friendly software. We will take care of the necessary training to make sure the software robots embed seamlessly in your organization.

In the first weeks of production, we will closely monitor and optimize the performance of the software robots. Once the robots run smoothly, we will continue providing all the necessary support to keep it that way.

Changes to the business process or to the software applications involved can be easily communicated using our customer portal. Within the agreed service level, we will take care of the necessary adjustments to ensure your business continuity.

How much does it cost?

For our customer, there is no initial investment or development risk. Also, our software suite is part of the solution and no licensing fees apply. Instead, we charge a fee for every successfully processed case. The fee is calculated in coins and equal to the number of minutes needed to manually process the case (AHT).

The price of a coin depends on the amount of coins purchased. The more coins you purchase, the cheaper they become. The price of a coin is very competitive and allows for savings of up to 90%.

We don’t require a minimum contract duration; you are free to cancel your contract at any time. To cover our initial investments, we only require that each software robot is provided with a minimum amount of coins enough to process 25,000 cases.

If we are not able to deliver a software robot that can successfully process at least 80% of its cases, you are free to cancel the contract without any charge.

To calculate the costs to automate a business process and the savings that can be realized, please try our Savings Calculator.

What is the next step?

Please contact us for more information, to schedule a demo or an initial appointment.


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