Empower People. Embrace Robotics.

Epirion Knowledge Solutions B.V. was founded in 2005 with a vision that the exponential growth of digitally available information and the dynamic character of the modern knowledge economy require new methodologies for more efficient information and knowledge management.

Organizations that can make better use of the available information and knowledge and can respond faster to their dynamically changing environment can perform better and as such gain a significant advantage to their competitors.

Furthermore, employees today are faced with ever complex information processing tasks. These types of task are generally laborious, mind-numbing, error-prone and therefore not particularly well-suited for human processing. By relieving employees from these types of task, they can focus on tasks that better address their unique and powerful skills like being creative, communicate with other people, solve problems, etc.

Epirion Robotics Suite

Based on various artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering technologies, we have developed the Epirion Robotics Suite: a software suite to model and automate intelligent behavior. With this software suite, we are able to develop robots that can access and process information in a meaningful way and as such can execute laborious and complex tasks.

Software-developing robots

Initially, we have applied this approach to the field of software development to create robots that assist us in developing higher quality software in less amount of time. By analyzing the software models that we provide to them, our robots can detect potential errors in an early stage of the development. Once the software models have been approved, the robots will develop the software for us, automatically and free of human programming errors. Our software-developing robots have been proven successful in various complex software development projects.

Robotic Solutions

With the help of our software-developing robots and the Epirion Robotics Suite, we offer various robotic solutions to our customers. Our approach is universally applicable, but we have developed specific solutions for areas such as process automation, information integration, and knowledge management.

We have a strong commitment towards research and development to make sure our software suites keep up with modern technology and we can continue providing state-of-the-art robotic solutions to our customers.

Are you interested to learn how your organization can benefit from robotics? Please contact us and we will happy to explore the possibilities with you.